Why Dubai?

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The general misconception is that Dubai is unbearably hot all year around, which isn’t the case. Yes, I’ll admit it, the summer months are hot, but for the other 9 months of the year, Dubai’s weather is perfect! We’re currently in December and we have warm days and cool evenings, so you will need to have a sweater in your wardrobe.
Dubai is well equipped for its climate though, everywhere you go you will be welcomed by air conditioning so during the summer, you need not worry about the temperature outside.

Relocating to Dubai has its perks, the zero income tax is seen as the largest to most people who make the move. Going from anywhere up to 50% income tax to zero can see a huge uplift on your earnings.

Dubai like most major cities can be expensive to live if you want the high-life living in the marina or with a view of the Burj Khalifa (that’s the world’s tallest building, located in Downtown Dubai – you may remember Tom Cruise swinging from it in Mission Impossible).
But if you don’t mind the ‘suburbs’, Dubai can be very affordable, with many new, more affordable residential areas being constructed.
Accommodation in Dubai ranges from studio apartments to villas, all of which are very new and finished with all modern appliances.

Many parents fear relocating due to their children’s education and how this may be disrupted. As a husband to a teacher, I can confidentially say this would not be the case. Education here is varied with schools aligning themselves with international curriculums, so children can slip straight in to a new school and pick up where they left off, being taught by teachers who have also made the decision to relocate to Dubai.

Here in Dubai, we drive on the left-hand side on the road. Typically, expats rent to start with to get use to the roads and decide whether they wish to buy or not and if so, new or second hand. There’s also no more cringing when filling up the fuel tank as fuel prices are very low here.

Dubai is a something for everyone kind of place, whether you’re a fit-freak or foodie, a shopper or a golfer, you will never go bored here.
The fitness scene in the region is huge, with loads of organic restaurants and supermarkets and there’s always free yoga and fitness boot camps happening around the city.
As for the malls, air-conditioned havens, they have everything you could want and from all around the world, low end to high end, Boots to Bloomingdales.
For the young and young at heart, Dubai has just opened a plethora of world class theme parks, add this to the numerous water parks, luxury beaches and green parks, what more could you want at the weekends?

For the pet lovers, Dubai is pet friendly, whether you have cats, dogs or even a goldfish, there are services for all including dog friendly beaches and parks.

Dubai’s nightlife scene is very impressive, numerous bars and nightclubs fill the hotels across the city. Often compared to Las Vegas, you’ll walk the hotel lobbies trying to decide where to eat or party. Alcohol is served within these establishments; you’ll need to hold a license for this, but this is easily obtainable.

It’s important to remember that Dubai is an Arab emirate. While it’s the most liberal of all the Emirates, there are a few cultural restrictions of which expats must be aware. The Islamic religion impacts every aspect of Muslims’ lives and they prioritise their life in this order: religion, family, country. Other religions are allowed to be practised here in Dubai, there are several Christian churches and a Sikh temple in the city.

Dubai is seen as a global travel hub, so whether you don’t want to be far from home or want to see the rest of the world, it’s perfect. London, Hong Kong and Singapore are only a 7-hour flight away with flights departing day and night.

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